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When and Where we Meet

Our main training night meets EVERY TUESDAY EVENING for a pre run briefing and a prompt start. We do not differentiate between a runner, there is never anyone running at the back on their own, or placed in a group, we are a team and we progress together! Please check our Facebook page or join us on Spond to see the latest meeting point! We always run a minimum of 5km and tend to work upwards, adding 1/2 or a full kilometre each week for a month, then resetting again and so on. 


Planning a run is hard for one person, let alone for the 18-30+ members who attend each week! Staying visible to traffic, running in areas where we can be seen, avoiding “dodgy” areas and roads, having enough places to park, making the route challenging for everyones capabilities... it’s a huge challenge.

High visibility clothing is MANDATORY. Club kit is preferred, or anything bright yellow or orange, as these are the colours the eye sees brightly over pinks etc. Sarah has a few spare high vis bibs and flashing arm bands for those that forget. Winter kit is a yellow long sleeve top with layers underneath, but you are welcome to provide your own and Sarah can get it printed up with the club logo and your name! Wearing club kit really makes you feel like part of a team, like a uniform, plus it makes you easy to spot, and with your name on the front, easier to get to know and cheer on!

You are welcome to run with your phone, but we discourage music, as we prefer you to chat with a fellow runner, enjoy the noises of the world around you and remain alert. Ensure all group leaders mobile numbers are stored in your contacts too! Not only does it mean you can use your running app to record your run, it also means you can call one of us if there is an issue such as someone needs first aid, you are lost, or you have picked up an injury and are walking. 

Always stick to the pavements and avoid crossing the road unless the route dictates it. It goes without saying to cross the road safely using pedestrian crossings where possible! Where there is no pavement for whatever reason, ensure you run FACING oncoming traffic and follow the Highway Code. It may be safer to cross the road well before a sharp right-hand bend so that oncoming traffic has a better chance of seeing you. Cross back after the bend.


If you are running behind pedestrians, BEFORE passing them please shout “runners coming past” so that everyone remains safe and no one is scared or feels threatened - give pedestrians, cyclists and dog walkers as wide a berth as you can, without compromising YOUR safety and right to be on the path too! 


All runners tend to run in pairs or larger groups and you will eventually get to know who runs at the same pace as you. It could be someone different every week, which is a great way to get to know other members! If you are more of a lone runner, thats ok, just stay within sprinting distance of the runner in front of you. But challenge yourself! Run with someone who is usually just ahead of you and keep up! Not feeling up to a new PB? OK, run with the lady who you know is usually just behind you, see if you can get her a PB instead! Running in numbers is safer and safety is key!


Please do your upmost to memorise the current route as getting lost by failing to look at the way beforehand not only puts you at risk, but also those who have to try to find you if you stray or do not return in the usual time.

If you are heckled by any one shouting things on the streets or from car windows, or worse, throwing things (yes, this happens) do not stop, keeping running and get the attention of the next group in front or behind you. Stay in your pair or group as there is more safety in numbers. Try to make a note or take a photo if possible of the registration/person(s) involved and if you feel threatened or in an extreme emergency, call 999.

NEVER take any unnecessary risks.

Anyone found to be breaking these rules, acting in an unsafe manner or putting themselves or others in danger whether purposefully or not, will be asked not to come back to our club! Lets look after one another and keep enjoying our sessions! 

Unlike other running groups, we do not tell you what to do, how fast to run, or group you into speeds. Whether you want to jog around and have a chat, leg it round as fast as you can to challenge yourself, or if you are training for a certain event, we can cater for your running needs! We want to see you achieve your goals and use the time with us just for YOU! We promise to encourage you, push you (if you want it) and have fun with you along the way! If you are training for a specific race and aiming for a goal time, tell the coaches who can create a training plan for you, including things like nutrition and cross training advice!

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