How to Join Us!

Mums on the Run is completely free of charge to join! We would much rather you spent your money on entering a race and setting yourself a goal to commit to and aim for! All we ask is for a £5 administration fee payable on your first run with us, which covers your membership for the whole year (a year runs from 1st Jan-31st Dec)! This is all because our amazingly kind sponsor, Simon Burt the Estate Agent, covers all our residual costs, so we can pass that saving onto you! 

It doesn't matter when the last time you ran was, whether for the bus the other day, in that 10k a few months ago or aged 13 in school cross country (which you actually tried to get out of with a note forged about your "time of the month" which the teacher didn't fall for), Mums on the Run caters for all ages and fitnesses. Please note we do not offer the Couch to 5km program, but we can recommend other local groups to support you if you are literally starting from absolute zero!


With Sarah and her three other group leaders, we are able to look after the needs and capabilites of each and every runner, whilst similtaneously encouraging you to push yourself and reap the rewards, which could include:


  • reducing your risk of coronary heart disease, cancer, strokes, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and osteoporosis

  • increasing your emotional well being and confidence

  • drecreasing your levels of stress, depression and anxiety

  • weight loss and management

  • muscle efficiency

  • better quality sleep

  • more energy

  • and a lot more FRIENDS!




We’re often told that physical activity is good for our bodies and our minds, but we also understand that having a mental health problem can make it difficult to get started for a number of reasons ranging from negative body image, lack of self-esteem to practical reason such as having no one to go with and not knowing where to get started.

That's why our Run England Mental Health Ambassador and coach Steph, with the support of the club, is committed to the cause of improving mental wellbeing through running.


Steph is our ambassador because:

  • she has experience of a mental health problem

  • she is open and non-judgmental attitude.

  • she has a positive, patient and supportive approach towards supporting people with mental health problems.

  • she is a positive role model.

  • she always behaves in a professional, confidential and non-discriminatory manner at all times and promotes equal opportunities for all.


So if you would like to talk to Steph about any issues or concerns, before you come along or at any point during your time with the club, please contact Sarah who will put you in touch! 


To join, simply complete the following membership form as well as the essential PARQ (health and fitness questionnaire) and return to Sarah by email ASAP or bring them with you to your session!

If you would like to join, then the first step is to CONTACT SARAH for more information if you haven't found the answer on the website! 


Please click here to read our club constitution!

Membership benefits are: Up to 40 weeks of running every Tuesday and Thursday!  

Insurance that covers you during each training session

No need to worry about planning a route, let the coaches take care of it all, you just need to turn up and give it a try! 

No need to worry about your speed or how far you can run, we are totally inclusive and don't discriminate!

Option to buy a club running top printed with our logo and optionally, your name on the front so everyone can cheer you on

Support, kindness and an opportunity to make great friends!

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