Covid-19 Update 25th Sept

Mums on the Run are, always have been and will remain to put our members health and safety first. No doubt. The Coronavirus pandemic is a serious matter and I have been studying the facts and acknowledging all the Government advice that is ever changing and fast moving. Since our last run on Tuesday 17th March, social distancing has been implemented and we insist on sticking to those safe rules to ensure we do not add any additional risk to others, when we might not know we have the virus. So how are Mums on the Run going to be able to continue meeting up? Us coaches will:

  • cease all signing in and out using our usual paperwork and clipboard and pen. From now on all members will be required to download our club app Spond​ and they can click "attend" to our club events and our coaches will record your attendance when you arrive to run.

  • encourage you not to bring huge bunches of keys with you, simply your car key. We encourage you to invest in a running waist pack, so that you can carry your phone and car key with you and only you touch it. If you have to leave your key with the coach, you place it into her car boot and you collect it when you finish. The only person to touch your keys will be you. 

  • assume that you have attended the run because you have no symptoms and have not knowingly been in contact with anyone who has symptoms of Coronavirus. This is a no brainer. 

  • require you to follow all sensible rules we set which are based on Government advice, including but not limited to social distancing, maintaining a minimum of a metre distance between you and the next runner and following a strict no contact rule. No high fives, elbow bumps, and certainly no more post run celebratory hugs. Sorry. 

  • expect you to honour our sudden change of rules and expectations, even those that are only announced at the pre run briefing. If there are any reasonable requests or instructions that you feel you cannot follow or agree to, please do not attend or feel free to abandon your run for that evening. 

  • expect that you have checked the following and/or and that if you do think you could be infected, or should be self isolating, that you do not attend. 

  • plan run sessions that are safe for all as per usual Mums on the Run club constitution so that all our members can be included and still have a great time! 

  • assume that by attending any sessions you waive Mums on the Run, its coaches, fellow members and any others associated to the club from all possible blame or responsibility for YOUR CHOICES despite all the advice given and available. 

  • finally, give you a great big smile and all the motivation and encouragement you could need to keep you moving and healthy throughout this tough time we are all (from a safe distance) sharing. 

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